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Why condemn us?

Raymond Davis got released after Diyat was paid to heirs to those who were murdered. In the aftermath of this event, we are all ignited that we let go of this person, whom we should have made an example of to prove our national integrity…..Why we forget these basic things:

  1. First, Faheem and Faizan were robbers (its proven yet remains underobserved because it doesnt help add fuel to fire) and attacked this person who acted in self-defense although too ruthlessly but they were not angels either.
  2. Diyat and Qasas are Divine laws by Allah and are implemented in Pakistan like many other Islamic countries and do not have different interpretation. Its pretty simple. Life against life or Compensation against life (amount can be anything). It is being used in our country and region since ages. If Americans used it, whats they problem? God Forbid, are we not happy with the concept? We need to be careful here that we CANNOT challenge the context and content of this Divine law while we protest against this release which is totally under Islamic laws.
  3. If people are to protest, they should stop doing against state and state machinery, they should protest against the families who had all the support in the world from religious parties and leftist yet they got charmed by money and took it (still legal and ethical because it was their right under Islamic law)
  4. As far as Raymond Davis being an operative of CIA is an issue, honestly, its not that big a deal. CIA operates in all countries and it does so for its own ambitions. We, Pakistanis operate our intelligence machinery in countries of our interest. This cannot end and wont end. CIA operates against its own people as well by throwing them in illegitimate wars (of Gulf, terror, Vietnam and God knows what). Lets be pragmatic about it
  5. Religious parties have their own ulterior motives in Pakistan and they just have one single agenda which Allah has condemned several times in Quran ‘don’t spread violence’. They want people to stay violent regardless of what happens on ground. Much famed maxim ‘jo kuch kerwa raha hai Amrika kerwa raha hai’ manifests it clearly.
  6. The widow of Faizan who committed suicide did not do something praiseworthy. Ethically, morally, legally and in every society, suicide is NOT encourageable
  7. Only aggrieved party to the whole incident is Abad Ur Rahman who was not killed by Davis but another accomplice who fled away and thats where our security and law and order agencies failed. They neither got compensation nor got heard by anyone including the so called ‘molvis’ who understand marketing too well and realize that ‘Davis’ will sell at the moment, lets not talk about the anonymous guy who wont sell.
  8. Finally, full marks to our Government and its operatives for holding their own all along. They said it will be courts who will decide and they continued stating it despite State department and the White House and even President Obama himself kept saying ‘courts cannot decide matters related to diplomatic immunity’. We let the process function and it resulted in a agreeable settlement as per Islamic laws which were fully implemented.

I, personally feel saddened by the fact that even the educated class of this country gets ignited by all this and doesn’t think rationally.

Lets not start blaming our country and its people just for the sake of it or because we cannot condemn a superpower so lets condemn ourselves!