45 days

I have been quite busy and didn’t have time to write on my blog amid having so many thoughts on so many things. And today I don’t have time either but today something happened which shook me to core.

One of our minister who holds portfolio of n0thing other than DEFENCE, agreed to the question by an interviewer that we don’t have ability to fight India for 45 days!

I mean what????

What the hell he was thinking? Which world he lives in? What he knows about Pakistan and Pakistani forces and defence of Pakistan? His ministry is only a seat or a portfolio he got in return for his contribution (read: monetary contribution) to his party in democracy (don’t want to get in the dirty details of it). It doesn’t make him a defence analyst of Pakistan!!!!

Yes. I agree Pakistan vs India war cannot be fought for 45 days, instead history tells us that it cannot be fought even for 17 days. Because India cannot match what we have. Will to fight!!!! I really don’t know what to write.

Pakistan has will to fight for 4500 days if it comes to that! Pakistan’s will wont be decided by a minister who doesn’t know history of our armed forces.

My dear defence minister! please read ‘Fateh Saboona’ (Biography of Shabbir Sharif). Please read the citation of Lance Naik Mehfooz Shaheed, NH who didn’t leave last soldier’s neck even after embracing martyrdom and life leaving his body! Go and read account of any soldier who embraced martyrdom for his country.

Also, take a moment to visit any of their family member who are proud to have sacrificed their sons for this soil. This will to fight is found nowhere in Indians and their paid agents, Taliban. They cannot match us in Shoq-e-Shahdat, which is only for Allah’s Razaa.

While I admire Ahmed Mukhtar for his prowess in setting up industry and entrepreneurship is his forte. But defence is certainly not.

I don’t how else to express my feelings. May Allah always help and save Pakistan.

Pakistan Zindabad! (always InshaAllah)


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