We are proud of Pakistan

OBL (Osama Bin Laden) shooting was a strange operation on all accounts and while its counted as successful in achieving its target of killing OBL, it is also hugely successful in putting negative light on Pakistan’s military capabilities.

Why people can’t see simple and straight facts:

  • OBL operation was conducted using Stealth Helicopters which are not detectable by radars. What can ANY country (yes, its ‘any’ means all 180+ countries of the world) can do if its attacked in such a way and in this case this operation was against an enemy who was condemned even by the country he was staying in because of countless deaths he and his accomplice individuals and organizations planned and executed.
  • A question is being raised that if the same happens against our strategic/nuclear assets tomorrow, what we’ll do? Frankly, it can happen to everyone and anyone in present condition. American military capability is not developed overnight, its result of decades of painstaking efforts and humongous defence spending all of which was invested on premise of keeping America safe. Today, this capability is not matched by any country and should definitely be a concern for those who do not like America (or vice versa).
  • We and other Islamic nations have not worked hard on technological fronts to develop warfare technologies and have always harped ‘peace’ while forgetting the clear Quranic injunction of keeping our horses prepared against enemies. How can we blame our forces for not being capable enough once the country lacks seriously in industrial and technological capabilities?
  • Once it comes to capabilities with existing technology, our forces have proven themselves to be amazingly successful on more than one ocassion.
  • One example is that of Swat operation (making it a peaceful area once again in less than 2 years of operations). Compare it to any single district of Afghanistan where Americans & International forces were able to restore law and order to the degree our forces did in Swat?
  • Also, see what America did to its own people in case of 9/11. Just to find an excuse to wage a war on oil-rich markets, it launched attacks on its own civilian population and made it look like something done by Al Qaeda terrorists. And for those who find this statement to be a mere conspiracy theorist’s words, fine. Lets see it this way, America, with all its prowess in Military ops, Warfare and Intel failed to know that 19 (not 2-3, 19) Arabs were making up plans to blow up these targets. The verb used is ‘failed’!!!
  • With our limited resources, look at the capabilities we have developed indigenously which so many countries always wanted to label as exported from North Korea etc. This makes us not only a nuclear power but also a power with finest capability to launch a nuclear strike through multiple platforms.
I think this time failure was on part of political forces who were scared of making a bold statement just like they got scared on drones issue (Our PM and foreign office started their condemnation after COAS issued a statement resenting attack in South Wazirstan on a Jirga which killed 53 innocent tribals!)
What we seriously lack is leadership and courage to call the shots. The courage and leadership of people like Quaid-e-Azam, Zulfiqar Bhutto and many of their followers is seriously missing in Pakistan today and needs to be boosted up. Our leadership can only be strengthened by a nation who thinks positively for Pakistan and that is going to be the only way forward.

Let’s stop Blaming Pakistan, its Defence Forces and intelligence. We, Pakistanis, are proud of our country and definitely our people including our armed forces.


6 responses to “We are proud of Pakistan

  1. Talha Saab, do you really believe that OBL was killed in this operation?

  2. Bhai, its pretty simple. Objective was not to kill Osama (in fact it never was). Osama is a very small pawn in the game. Even if he was killed or even his dead body was brought there or whether he was killed years ago and this was a stage, all this doesn’t matter. What matters is that Western powers have got a substantial ‘right’ to say whatever they want about Pakistan and its armed forces and we shouldn’t just buzz their tones…..We should be proud of our country and its people!

  3. Very well written sir!
    I agree with most of it. Just one point of difference – nuclear facilities are still not easily targetable by any nation of the world since it is not just monitored by radars which the stealth choppers can dodge – they are protecte4d by a complete different level of security plus their random distribution and placement in various parts of the country makes them an even more difficult target.

  4. Talha first of all i generally agree with you what ever you have written, but you cant throw all the blame on the politicians, though they are equally held accountable along with the ARMY who is responsible for not only guarding the periphery but also to take care of any inside threat. For me, use of stealth technology and operation is not the issue, the fact which is hard do be digested is that, how the hell OBL managed to stay in that place for Five years and if otherwise then We should prove it with facts. One night failure is not a failure its a question of 1825 Nights. This nation needs the answer and deserved it as well, as its them who are shedding there blood on the streets, in the city for an unknown cause from both the ends.
    One end has to prove itself right

  5. @Sami. I agree with what you are saying. A simple question is, What if he was killed before somewhere else and this operation was conducted to ensure that blame is put to Pakistan and would also serve as an exercise to check whether or not Pakistan’s Air Defence and Counter Jammers are at par or not so once they want to attack something more strategic than OBL (lets say, Kahuta, Nilore, Chasma etc) they can do it easily.

    This is not a conspiracy theory, its backed by years of rhetoric emanating from Western powers about our nuclear arsenal going into wrong hands, about our arsenal going to Islamists (whoever they are), Islamic Bomb. They are quite concerned for our safety 🙂
    Intel failure in being prepared to counter these moves is surely a concern.

  6. @Talha, even if it is a conspiracy then we should give them credit for throwing all there wrong doings on our shoulders overnight. This is what we have different institutions and bla bla, there real job is to counter it in time. But they failed really bad this time. By merely saying this that we are sorry cant help 30o million people of this country, who dont know what happened and for what and might never come to know?
    Here the question is not that we have right to exist. Question is that do we have the basic right to know that what is happening with us.
    They were supporting Sadam till the time he was serving there purpose and they supported the same very Talibans till the time they did the same. Now they want this from us, otherwise, You know what they mean
    they said there are WMD in Iraq?
    they said that Talibans are enemy of the universe? ( by the way who created them and who funded them)
    They will say that we were not capable of handling the Nuclear arsenals, if time would have demanded for an excuse.

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