Just another flavor

Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, ……. and so many other states being readied for a new system of government by Western Powers which their people were earlier unaware of. Its known as ‘Democracy’. Many in Arab world are worried that a lot will change, well, here’s the good news. Nothing will. Faces will, but does it really matter who is ruling, oh sorry, serving. People are supposed to work, earn, pay taxes and rulers are supposed to rule, earn and spend taxes. This works equally well in both flavors of Governments, Democracy and Dictatorship.

For those in Arab world, who are unaware of it, here is a brief explanation and example to help them understand this concept.

Democracy is a system in which Government is [supposed to be] of the people, by the people and for the people. But if its not, it can be removed by power of elections to bring in another one which can also be removed and so on and so forth. Every Government gets their share of ‘serving’ the people and that’s what makes them go to their people. Its a pleasant and comforting sight looking at would-be rulers begging ferociously to their would-be subjects to allow them to rule over them, oh sorry again, serve them. This is something you don’t get to see in dictatorship and will make life more interesting and colorful.

Simply put, democracy for which Arab world is being prepared for is going to be an interesting experience but it wont be much different from dictatorship because Elected representatives becomes Rulers and Rulers rule!

Faces keep changing in democracy but people shouldn’t be worried because their dreams, desires and inspirations remain as such i.e. distant from their rulers who continue to serve in sacred institutions of Democracy.

An example to better explain democracy is that of President Bush of America who allegedly rigged two elections back to back, became president back to back, had his name in Annals of America’s history as their 43rd president and did what he personally thought was best and if the nation was ruined because of it, so what. If Iraq was tormented because of wrong judgment, so what. After all, To err is human and he is a human being. Nothing will happen to him after he had his 8 years and now he lives happily ever after.

To Arab world:

Democracy is coming. Just don’t worry about anything, it wont be any different. After all, its just another flavor of how rulers rule, oh sorry, ‘serve’ (what’s wrong with me!)


2 responses to “Just another flavor

  1. Pakistan is not next Tunisia or Egypt. Why .. Just keep in mind that Tunisia was liberated in 1957 and since than there have been only TWO presidents. Mr Habib Bourguiba was one of the founders and was overthrown by Mr Zain Ul abidian (Ex General). One ruled for 30 years overthrown by other who ruled for another 24 years before being over thrown. both were not elected.
    Similarly Egypt had only three Presidents since its independence from Britain in 1954 leaving aside Muhammad Naguib who was founding president and ruled for only 1 year. Jamal Abdul Nasir (Gamal as some write) (16 yrs) , Anwar Saadat (Assassinated after 10 yrs) and Hosni Mubarak (30 years).

    So you can say that Egypt situation “might be” triggered because of Tunisia (But is not the only cause) but Situation in Pakistan is very different.

    Although it is a popular uprising or movement but external factors cannot be ignored. Although there are 11 known/ recorded assassination attempts on Hosni Mubarak, what do you think that the people of Egypt suddenly woke up, one day, after after 30 years of dictatorship.

  2. Interesting insight. But there are some strange uprisings being triggered every now and then just to ‘test the water’. e.g. KESC employees issue, Faisalabad protests over industrial loadshedding, balsphemy bill etc. These can be grown into countrywide protests. Government, although, has scrambled already to counter these threats by announcing measures like reforms at top level etc. But its all going to be tales the time tell.

    I strongly believe that it is change of guards by US in a country from whihc they yield strong political influence. After all, so much investment into AlBaradei should be realized now 🙂

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