Showing the ‘right’ side

A few months ago, a ‘research’ surfaced stating that Pakistanis search for pornographic material more than any other nation. It also quoted sources like stats by Google trends which authenticated this fact.

Some elements in our media were very quick to promote this and it got mixed reactions from people all over. What it really was? Well, like always it was one side of story. Yes, it might have been true and there is no point in defending even if it was a half truth. But the problem is that we always go for negativities about our country and our people. Even speaking on the same metrics, what people search from Pakistan on internet and using the same tools, one gets to see some pleasant pictures.

The word, ‘Allah’ and ‘Muhammad’ (PBUH) are also among those terms which are searched by Pakistanis more than any other nation.

Yes, we have our share of problems and we are not that good of a nation. We need to work hard on so many fronts. But being positive and optimistic about things is one thing that we need to do internally and ward off all such external forces which are always bent on showcasing a negative Pakistan.

Every country and every nation in the world have their share of ills and it is upto the people and also state of those nations to potray a balanced view and this is one fundamental aspect of marketing a nation.

We need to do the same. I guess its not very hard to do….


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