We are 34, OK! What about the others

It was not a surprise last week listening to the ‘fact’ that we have gone higher in corruption perception rankings which are erroneously being considered as a corruption index. A report by Transparency International ranks perception of corruption happening in different countries.

Well, we are corrupt. No doubts about it. We have jumped 8 places from 42 to 34 (whatever it means!) and yes corruption is the only thing improving in our country.

First of all, perception beats reality (no further comments on this)

Secondly, we are corrupt, fine. We have improved, fine. What about others?

Does anyone remember:

  • March 20, 2003, President Bush launched full-scale attack on a sovereign nation with ‘proven’ evidence that they have WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction. Needed to give this abbreviation because its a forgotten term). Few months later, one fine morning, it was announced “oops. our reports were not right and there are no WMDs”. Operation code changed to “liberate or liberty …..” Billions spent of American taxpayers, Thousands of lives lost, even greater number suffered in injuries, loss of property etc. All on a war that was on an “oops”. But this is totally irrelevant as TI (Transparency International) doesn’t conduct audits on these kind of practices.
  • UK: While the whole world is moving towards modern technology and new horizons are opening for mankind, there is a Windsor Palace in UK. Residents of this palace are ‘monarchs’. They are not formally monarchs but they are monarchs. They do not rule the country but they and their blood line is to be served extravagantly with taxpayer money of British people. But again: this is not TI’s area of concern.
  • April 2010, BP oil spill getting worse. In June, President Obama was mentioning in his press conference that a large part of responsibility lies on corrupt practices of his administration and the administration before his. He acknowledged that he recognized that this had something to do with corruption. and Yes, this time: this is TI’s domain but what if their TVs were switched off at that time!
  • India: Commonwealth games 2010 (enough said)
  • US/Europe: Education & degrees for sale. Even Time/Newsweek publishing ads of ‘get a PhD in 7 days (fully accredited)’.

And here is a live case:

Company X is getting a project from USAID, an International Aid organization plagued by corruption and malpractices. It is so rampant that the project it needs to hire Company X’s services for, is to identify how money for its funded projects is wasted due to corruption. Problem is that those who get projects funded by USAID are corrupt and waste American taxpayers money in corrupt practices and do NOT do anything on ground.

But now since Company X got this project. It will be alright. (btw how Company X will be checked? and how did it get this project)?

P.S. Company X = TI 🙂

Here is what the corruption perception index looks like on a map.

Corruption map as taken from website: www.transparency.org

This is what the map looks like to common people

and this is ‘official version:

Same corruption map edited for Governments

This is what the promotional campaign for 2011's index looks like (as being sent to different governments)

DISCLAIMER: Author is NOT a government agent! Author doesn’t deny that there is No corruption in Pakistan. He believes that it is a corrupt society and nation (honestly, I do!). But this whole post is written just to show another side of picture. As one of my teachers (late) said: Don’t take things on face value, apply your own discount……This is my discount! (May Allah bless His soul).


3 responses to “We are 34, OK! What about the others

  1. Good observation yar. tu to writer ho gaya he. hope u r not writing for Pakistan Tribune……
    Best of luck.
    BTW where r u now a days. Lhr.. I am coming to lhr on this weekend what is your contact no…

  2. Diana and Jeremy Pope

    Let’s face it. Corruption is endemic to the human condition. Everywhere. The differences lie not in the fact of people being corrupt but in the effectiveness of the prevention methods employed to contain it. The only real remedy for corruption is a good dose of integrity. Work on the good to contain the bad. If some stealing public money could understand the harm this inflicts on the defenseless poor perhaps there would be much less of it. And if people knew there were others they could trust, perhaps more people would be coming forward to report miscreants.

    • @Jeremy: Thank you for your insightful thoughts.
      Question is (and it really is an issue) whether countries and systems touted as transparent are really transparent. Everyone knows all and so many other problems in ‘transparent’ systems but does anyone come forward. Interestingly, if someone does, (s)he is labelled as “conspiracy theory”.

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