My House, my home

This is just a perspective and is not meant to target any person or group by any means. Just a thought which I found worth sharing and worth listening to other’s thoughts on it.

When I was young, I read a story of a boy who lived in a poor family and had a simple house. One day his friend invited him to his birthday and he was amazed to see his house as it had all modern luxuries or stuff like that. On returning back, he found his home to be even more humble and was irritated with his parents who tried explaining him these realities of life. But his young, immature mind couldn’t grasp theses properly and even wanted to leave his house and live with his friend in a ‘luxurious house’ but afterwards he did realize that it was his home and his house and it belongs to him.

There is nothing in this story. But just a thought. If my house is not luxurious, if my house houses my family members with different lifestyle, difference of opinions, different attitudes and responses to different situations as we move along in life, what should I do? Should I leave? Should I leave for a rented house? Which although I can live in but will never be ‘mine’. Even if I buy a different house, will it give me same sense of belonging as the house where my family is altogether? Will it give me same sense of protection? Will it be mine?

Think over it and then think is Pakistan not our house, our home, where we all live as a big family?

We have our differences, our share of problems, our issues but should we leave it? should we go to a ‘rented’ place? Another land which we cannot call our own? Even as our generations wont be able to call it theirs? always they will be known from the family they actually belonged, their roots. and they will be looked down upon as ‘immigrants’?

What if my house has bad floors, bad electricity, bad tempers? Should I not be courageous enough and bold enough to stand up and try my own to resolve it. What if at the end, my life is nothing but a struggle to mend my house? If my whole life is a struggle, I can rest with peace in my grave with the contentment that it was life spent for a cause. Cleaning, mending my house, my Pakistan for my generations to live a better life……

And before I make this decision to ‘move’ should I not know that the rented house have these problems too? Even worse can be there? Just because its problems are ‘different’ from my own house’s problems, I should accept it? Owners or neighbors there would not accept me because I am not one of ‘them’. I am not what they look like, live like and at times I would abhor their lifestyle and would even prevent my child from even thinking about doing what they do.

I think I know answer to these questions……


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