Rising [once] again…..May be…

We have had our share of problems and issues and we had faced them almost together as a nation. Our resolve as a nation in fundamentals of religion and belief to some extent in our origin a a “land for muslims with equal rights for all” has kept us together and kept us going.

We had many problems, we have worse problems and in days to come we ll have even worse (who knows). But what is important is that this nation has to pervail. Greatness might not be in our destiny, per se. But may be our greatness is to prevail. May be we are not to become the world’s richest nation or top the list of best countries to live.

We need to continue to strive individually in our own places to do the right thing. We need to understand and respect the foundations and stay close to the ideals of our origin.

At times, when a lot of damage is done, it is better to start off from scratch. May be it is the time to do that……


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