Eid ul Azha – Reminder of a supreme sacrifice

Muslim world all over celebrates another festivity and this time its Eid ul Azha. The origin and story of this festivity is really interesting and at times almost unbelievable. Allah ordered Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) to make a supreme sacrifice of his own son. On getting the understanding of this dream/vision, he without a hesitation took his son, Hazrat Ismail (AS) to altar. Such was the belief of father that he didnt hesitate making this sacrifice in name of Allah on His order. Hazrat Ismail (AS) on knowing what was going on, also didnt object or felt scared but felt elated to be chosen for this. Allah liked this gesture of his person on being tried so much that he ordained this as a festivity for all times to come.

We need to understand the importance of following Allah’s word in this short time that we have in this world and this is something that pleases Him and can become a source of reverence for us


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