Just a piece of paper!

Pakistani politics are nothing but a tale of kings and queens, princes and courts and so many other concepts which are nothing but a tale of past in most parts of the world. But in Pakistan the best thing is that we are still living in those times when nation’s destinies would change with the words uttered or written (even supposedly) by a dying king.

Not many months ago, we as a nation got our history changed and re-written by nothing but a piece of paper. A will as they called it of a leader who knew that her time was near. But the interesting thing is that nobody in our supposedly free world ever thought about it.

At times, I think whether it was our leaders in the ruling party who are to be blamed. But then I realize, whats their fault? They did what they deemed best for their party and even for their political careers (and yeah for Pakistani nation too!). But the so-called free media in Pakistan pointed fingers very carefully and very selectively. It has always been very careful while giving perception of being a stalwart of freedom of thought and word.

Media in Pakistan never raise issues which it feels can affect its advertising revenues specially from Government’s kitty. It is always careful in undertaking those ventures which it finds to be of more popular support than real value to nation.

When I desire to write more on Pakistani politics, my mind takes me to another world which many people fail to see. This is the glamorous world of media……….(to be continued)


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