Maldives – A beauty soon to be lost!

For those who know and can realize, Maldives, a small south Asian country which was and still is a great tourist resort is about to be lost. In years to come, it might be the first country in modern history to vanish, perish or drown. just like that……….gone forever!

The most painful part is not that it wont be around for our future generations to see, but the fact that its OUR fault.

The rising temperatures or Global warming has caused rise in sea levels and has put this island nation in danger of getting extinct. Never before in human history, we have faced such a painful event.

Today we should realize that not only “we” have lost a resort but we have taken this right from “our” future generations to enjoy the beauty that for them will be “a country that was”……

To read more about Maldives, please click here.

To read more about its threatened future, please click here.


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