Hello World (again!)

Hi & AOA to all.

This is my first one on my blog and I thought of nothing better than use the famous phrase “Hello World” to say Hello to every one.

What I will write here will be on different areas which have always interested me and I want to share personal views on these diverse topics which continue to affect the way we live but do very less about them.

If my words or thoughts are in the right direction and they can help someone in understanding different issues, then the purpose of this whole activity is solved.

I have chosen to write specifically on:
Pakistani & International Politics – something which I find to be affects our lives constantly without us knowing it. We need to understand different issues and their consequences in our lives.

Environment – Few decades ago, it couldnt have been imagined that our planet will be in such dire state as it is today. For those who refuse to see the gravity of the situation, my words will mean nothing. But for those who understand it and who care, these will definitely interest them.

Social Issues – In our ordinary lives, we have so many issues as a society and as mankind which need attention from general public and masses, of which I am also a part. With that disposition in mind, I wish to speak wherever I deem appropriate.

I hope to help others in seeing what I see and developing their own ideas and idols around these things.


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