Remembering a hero!


Squadron Leader Sarfaraz Ahmed Rafiqui Shaheed, HJ, SJ

Posting on own blog after more than a year is wonderful experience. More wonderful is sharing thoughts about a childhood hero whose story in every known detail remains an inspiration to-date.

Sqn Ldr Sarfraz Rafiqui Shaheed, HJ, SJ was one of the finest fighter pilot in world’s aviation history. His actions before and right at the start of war of 1965 earned him Pakistan’s 3rd and 2nd highest gallantry awards i.e. Sitara-e-Jurat (SJ) and Hilal-e-Jurat (HJ) respectively. Combined together these awards make him one of the most decorated soldiers in modern military history.

Apart from being highly decorated, the character he showed in the last mission is beyond gallantry. While attacking an Indian base, he commanding a flight of three F-86s was met by a large number of IAF’s hunters. Sqn Ldr Sarfraz Rafiqui, Flt Lt Yunas and Cecil Chaudhry confronted an enemy of much larger magnitude. Rafiqui’s aircraft had some malfunction and his guns got jammed. He didn’t leave his comrades and in the process achieved Shahadat on September 6, 1965 along with Flt Lt Yunus. He was only 30 years old.

Nominated for Nishan-e-Haider, he was eventually awarded Hilal-e-Jurat. His body was never found.

May Allah SWT bless him with highest places in Jannah and let his life, valor and sacrifice be an inspiration for every Pakistani!


45 days

I have been quite busy and didn’t have time to write on my blog amid having so many thoughts on so many things. And today I don’t have time either but today something happened which shook me to core.

One of our minister who holds portfolio of n0thing other than DEFENCE, agreed to the question by an interviewer that we don’t have ability to fight India for 45 days!

I mean what????

What the hell he was thinking? Which world he lives in? What he knows about Pakistan and Pakistani forces and defence of Pakistan? His ministry is only a seat or a portfolio he got in return for his contribution (read: monetary contribution) to his party in democracy (don’t want to get in the dirty details of it). It doesn’t make him a defence analyst of Pakistan!!!!

Yes. I agree Pakistan vs India war cannot be fought for 45 days, instead history tells us that it cannot be fought even for 17 days. Because India cannot match what we have. Will to fight!!!! I really don’t know what to write.

Pakistan has will to fight for 4500 days if it comes to that! Pakistan’s will wont be decided by a minister who doesn’t know history of our armed forces.

My dear defence minister! please read ‘Fateh Saboona’ (Biography of Shabbir Sharif). Please read the citation of Lance Naik Mehfooz Shaheed, NH who didn’t leave last soldier’s neck even after embracing martyrdom and life leaving his body! Go and read account of any soldier who embraced martyrdom for his country.

Also, take a moment to visit any of their family member who are proud to have sacrificed their sons for this soil. This will to fight is found nowhere in Indians and their paid agents, Taliban. They cannot match us in Shoq-e-Shahdat, which is only for Allah’s Razaa.

While I admire Ahmed Mukhtar for his prowess in setting up industry and entrepreneurship is his forte. But defence is certainly not.

I don’t how else to express my feelings. May Allah always help and save Pakistan.

Pakistan Zindabad! (always InshaAllah)

We are proud of Pakistan

OBL (Osama Bin Laden) shooting was a strange operation on all accounts and while its counted as successful in achieving its target of killing OBL, it is also hugely successful in putting negative light on Pakistan’s military capabilities.

Why people can’t see simple and straight facts:

  • OBL operation was conducted using Stealth Helicopters which are not detectable by radars. What can ANY country (yes, its ‘any’ means all 180+ countries of the world) can do if its attacked in such a way and in this case this operation was against an enemy who was condemned even by the country he was staying in because of countless deaths he and his accomplice individuals and organizations planned and executed.
  • A question is being raised that if the same happens against our strategic/nuclear assets tomorrow, what we’ll do? Frankly, it can happen to everyone and anyone in present condition. American military capability is not developed overnight, its result of decades of painstaking efforts and humongous defence spending all of which was invested on premise of keeping America safe. Today, this capability is not matched by any country and should definitely be a concern for those who do not like America (or vice versa).
  • We and other Islamic nations have not worked hard on technological fronts to develop warfare technologies and have always harped ‘peace’ while forgetting the clear Quranic injunction of keeping our horses prepared against enemies. How can we blame our forces for not being capable enough once the country lacks seriously in industrial and technological capabilities?
  • Once it comes to capabilities with existing technology, our forces have proven themselves to be amazingly successful on more than one ocassion.
  • One example is that of Swat operation (making it a peaceful area once again in less than 2 years of operations). Compare it to any single district of Afghanistan where Americans & International forces were able to restore law and order to the degree our forces did in Swat?
  • Also, see what America did to its own people in case of 9/11. Just to find an excuse to wage a war on oil-rich markets, it launched attacks on its own civilian population and made it look like something done by Al Qaeda terrorists. And for those who find this statement to be a mere conspiracy theorist’s words, fine. Lets see it this way, America, with all its prowess in Military ops, Warfare and Intel failed to know that 19 (not 2-3, 19) Arabs were making up plans to blow up these targets. The verb used is ‘failed’!!!
  • With our limited resources, look at the capabilities we have developed indigenously which so many countries always wanted to label as exported from North Korea etc. This makes us not only a nuclear power but also a power with finest capability to launch a nuclear strike through multiple platforms.
I think this time failure was on part of political forces who were scared of making a bold statement just like they got scared on drones issue (Our PM and foreign office started their condemnation after COAS issued a statement resenting attack in South Wazirstan on a Jirga which killed 53 innocent tribals!)
What we seriously lack is leadership and courage to call the shots. The courage and leadership of people like Quaid-e-Azam, Zulfiqar Bhutto and many of their followers is seriously missing in Pakistan today and needs to be boosted up. Our leadership can only be strengthened by a nation who thinks positively for Pakistan and that is going to be the only way forward.

Let’s stop Blaming Pakistan, its Defence Forces and intelligence. We, Pakistanis, are proud of our country and definitely our people including our armed forces.

Why condemn us?

Raymond Davis got released after Diyat was paid to heirs to those who were murdered. In the aftermath of this event, we are all ignited that we let go of this person, whom we should have made an example of to prove our national integrity…..Why we forget these basic things:

  1. First, Faheem and Faizan were robbers (its proven yet remains underobserved because it doesnt help add fuel to fire) and attacked this person who acted in self-defense although too ruthlessly but they were not angels either.
  2. Diyat and Qasas are Divine laws by Allah and are implemented in Pakistan like many other Islamic countries and do not have different interpretation. Its pretty simple. Life against life or Compensation against life (amount can be anything). It is being used in our country and region since ages. If Americans used it, whats they problem? God Forbid, are we not happy with the concept? We need to be careful here that we CANNOT challenge the context and content of this Divine law while we protest against this release which is totally under Islamic laws.
  3. If people are to protest, they should stop doing against state and state machinery, they should protest against the families who had all the support in the world from religious parties and leftist yet they got charmed by money and took it (still legal and ethical because it was their right under Islamic law)
  4. As far as Raymond Davis being an operative of CIA is an issue, honestly, its not that big a deal. CIA operates in all countries and it does so for its own ambitions. We, Pakistanis operate our intelligence machinery in countries of our interest. This cannot end and wont end. CIA operates against its own people as well by throwing them in illegitimate wars (of Gulf, terror, Vietnam and God knows what). Lets be pragmatic about it
  5. Religious parties have their own ulterior motives in Pakistan and they just have one single agenda which Allah has condemned several times in Quran ‘don’t spread violence’. They want people to stay violent regardless of what happens on ground. Much famed maxim ‘jo kuch kerwa raha hai Amrika kerwa raha hai’ manifests it clearly.
  6. The widow of Faizan who committed suicide did not do something praiseworthy. Ethically, morally, legally and in every society, suicide is NOT encourageable
  7. Only aggrieved party to the whole incident is Abad Ur Rahman who was not killed by Davis but another accomplice who fled away and thats where our security and law and order agencies failed. They neither got compensation nor got heard by anyone including the so called ‘molvis’ who understand marketing too well and realize that ‘Davis’ will sell at the moment, lets not talk about the anonymous guy who wont sell.
  8. Finally, full marks to our Government and its operatives for holding their own all along. They said it will be courts who will decide and they continued stating it despite State department and the White House and even President Obama himself kept saying ‘courts cannot decide matters related to diplomatic immunity’. We let the process function and it resulted in a agreeable settlement as per Islamic laws which were fully implemented.

I, personally feel saddened by the fact that even the educated class of this country gets ignited by all this and doesn’t think rationally.

Lets not start blaming our country and its people just for the sake of it or because we cannot condemn a superpower so lets condemn ourselves!

Just another flavor

Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, ……. and so many other states being readied for a new system of government by Western Powers which their people were earlier unaware of. Its known as ‘Democracy’. Many in Arab world are worried that a lot will change, well, here’s the good news. Nothing will. Faces will, but does it really matter who is ruling, oh sorry, serving. People are supposed to work, earn, pay taxes and rulers are supposed to rule, earn and spend taxes. This works equally well in both flavors of Governments, Democracy and Dictatorship.

For those in Arab world, who are unaware of it, here is a brief explanation and example to help them understand this concept.

Democracy is a system in which Government is [supposed to be] of the people, by the people and for the people. But if its not, it can be removed by power of elections to bring in another one which can also be removed and so on and so forth. Every Government gets their share of ‘serving’ the people and that’s what makes them go to their people. Its a pleasant and comforting sight looking at would-be rulers begging ferociously to their would-be subjects to allow them to rule over them, oh sorry again, serve them. This is something you don’t get to see in dictatorship and will make life more interesting and colorful.

Simply put, democracy for which Arab world is being prepared for is going to be an interesting experience but it wont be much different from dictatorship because Elected representatives becomes Rulers and Rulers rule!

Faces keep changing in democracy but people shouldn’t be worried because their dreams, desires and inspirations remain as such i.e. distant from their rulers who continue to serve in sacred institutions of Democracy.

An example to better explain democracy is that of President Bush of America who allegedly rigged two elections back to back, became president back to back, had his name in Annals of America’s history as their 43rd president and did what he personally thought was best and if the nation was ruined because of it, so what. If Iraq was tormented because of wrong judgment, so what. After all, To err is human and he is a human being. Nothing will happen to him after he had his 8 years and now he lives happily ever after.

To Arab world:

Democracy is coming. Just don’t worry about anything, it wont be any different. After all, its just another flavor of how rulers rule, oh sorry, ‘serve’ (what’s wrong with me!)

Showing the ‘right’ side

A few months ago, a ‘research’ surfaced stating that Pakistanis search for pornographic material more than any other nation. It also quoted sources like stats by Google trends which authenticated this fact.

Some elements in our media were very quick to promote this and it got mixed reactions from people all over. What it really was? Well, like always it was one side of story. Yes, it might have been true and there is no point in defending even if it was a half truth. But the problem is that we always go for negativities about our country and our people. Even speaking on the same metrics, what people search from Pakistan on internet and using the same tools, one gets to see some pleasant pictures.

The word, ‘Allah’ and ‘Muhammad’ (PBUH) are also among those terms which are searched by Pakistanis more than any other nation.

Yes, we have our share of problems and we are not that good of a nation. We need to work hard on so many fronts. But being positive and optimistic about things is one thing that we need to do internally and ward off all such external forces which are always bent on showcasing a negative Pakistan.

Every country and every nation in the world have their share of ills and it is upto the people and also state of those nations to potray a balanced view and this is one fundamental aspect of marketing a nation.

We need to do the same. I guess its not very hard to do….

Lessons from Abu Dhabi Group

Abu Dhabi Group (ADG), one of largest foreign investors in Pakistan, is rumored to be planning divesting off its businesses in Pakistan which include some big names like Warid Telecom, Bank Alfalah and Wateen Telecom. This decision is mainly driven because of recent economic crises in ADG’s country of origin, UAE and group’s management desire to focus on its other ventures particularly Dubai. Although I haven’t heard it yet, but it is highly expected of certain circles of Pakistani media to purport this move because of ‘weak’ economic conditions in Pakistan (because that is more ‘crispy’ a news!). They forget this basic principle that when a multinational or global organization faces crises, divesting and/or consolidation is among the options on the table.

Also, we need to look at the success this group enjoyed in Pakistan for all these years and today its departure is not because it failed or Pakistani economy failed, its just a business strategy move fueled by their internal crises, having nothing to do with Pakistan.

Whether ADG stays or it leaves, the group enjoyed its stay for sure thing.

Story of Abu Dhabi Group in Pakistan which began around early 2000s, is that of a classic example to showcase to world, what Pakistani business scene is actually like.

ADG never had any problem running its businesses in Pakistan. It did whatever it wanted and grew while strongly respecting law of land and remained sensitized to the target market in every of its ventures. It hired professional management at all levels and they ran the business well and grew year after year. Ventures like Bank Alfalah, Wateen, Warid continue to be among best in their own categories. Interestingly, the ADG team quite ably sensed the sectors which could be targeted for successful ventures and went on to enter even in healthcare business and launched a success story, Al Razi Healthcare. Some of the ventures were not that big a success and were kept on backburners. Like Taavun which planned building one of the largest office buildings in the country on Ferozpur Road, Lahore.

Doing what you think is better and postponing the ones which are not feasible is what smart business is all about and this is what this group did. This group’s story in Pakistan manifests the fact that opportunities in Pakistan are humongous. It is only the matter of identifying what can be achieved in this country and whats needs to be done to achieve it and it will be achieved.

Here I remember an ad of Zong, which asks us, the Pakistanis, who find the other lands to be greener and not work on their own soil. While going abroad is not a bad idea or a bad move at all, it is certainly worth seeing, what others are seeing in your land.